Lead Front Apron

Lead Front Apron

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Lead Front Apron

Price from £40.84

O'Briens make and supply chimney flashing to suit any chimney and orientation. All are made from code 4/5 sheet lead unless otherwise specified.

We require the sizes of the chimney, pitch of roof and the number required. This allows the price to be sent and on receipt of your order we can manufacture and dispatch in good time. In order to weather a chimney it is necessary to form sheet lead by bossing or lead welding into the components that make up the flashing. These are known as front apron, back gutter and ridge abutment. If you are flashing chimneys, chimney flashing sets are made to fit both chimney and roof pitch. They arrive on site and are ready and easy to fix and provide the high quality weathering required.

We can fabricate any size.

Size not listed below, please just ask:

Specification: 150mm upstand to chimney, 150mm down roof.

Size (mm) Price (£)
450 40.84
500 41.81
550 42.88
600 43.79
650 44.70
700 45.61
800 63.75
900 70.00
1000 76.25
1500 97.50

All prices are supply only and exclude VAT